Current Trends in Designer Handbags

This season has plenty to offer to all the handbag-loving girls out there! From pastel colors to color mixing to funky zippers, you name it and you will find a handbag that suits your needs and requirements. Let’s take a look at the ongoing fashion trends in designer handbags.

1. Sleek corporate-themed designer bags

This time around, designers like the Georgio Armani in their summer and spring collection have come out with bags that are a great fit for businesswomen. These sleek, smooth-looking bags with different textures are mainly suitable for working environments.

2. Clutches of mixed colors

As spring approaches, clutches of varying colors are fast becoming a trend. The great thing about such clutches is that they can be used on a variety of dresses and in a variety of parties, be it a high-tea party or a full-booze night party. And for the reasons of compactness and style, these happen to be a great option for handbag lovers!

3. Pastel-colored handbags

This spring packs a punch with pastel colored handbags. These brightly colored handbags, be it shiny red or orange or minty blue or green, are great to be carried out with a colorful outfit on a nice spring day and wouldn’t lose their charm even if the day turns into a hot and sunny one.

4. Bucket bags

Bucket bags have been on the shelves for a while. But, this season has seen them come back into spotlight. To find one, these look like buckets (figuratively), and there’s a string at the top which can be fastened or loosened to close or open the bag. These look great with generally all outfits except for some such as professional outfits. You can find them for as cheap as $30 for a good quality bucket bag.

5. Backpacks

Yes, these are back on the shelves. But the modern backpacks are a heavily modified version of the old school backpack, and essentially look like handbags tied to a woman’s back. They add a cool and funky reason to the appearance and are ideal if you want to go on an adventure outdoors or are a college student.

If you are interested in buying a handbag, there are tons of options to choose from. Today, there are tons of designer houses having their own collection of handbags. Choose a designer handbag that you love and flaunt your style – it just doesn’t get any better.