Designer Handbags: Fashion And Style Packed In

Designer handbagsor branded handbags have become the inseparable part of women’s wardrobe. Most of the people are of the view that these fashion accessories came into being in the 20th century, which is half true. The concept of carrying handbags is centuries old, though the breed of fashionable designer bags indeed prospered in the last century.

As the ancient man felt the need of traveling from one place to another on foot, he required something to carry his belongings. It was the idea of men, and not women, to devise something like a bag. In the beginning, leaves and wood were the materials used for making bags that were carried in hand.

The concept of making handbags that could be hung from waist was most probably devised in Egypt. By the Middle Ages approached, handbags became equally popular among men and women. The bags used at that time were designed to be hung from the shoulders. During the 16th century, the bags made of leather and cloth came into existence.

The small sized branded handbags used today are inspired by the bags used in the 17th century. Embroidered handbags too were discovered to start the era of designer handbags. It was the time, when women started ruling the world of purses and men used them occasionally.

The smallest of the bags called pouches were immensely popular during that period. These purses were placed by women in the under pockets of the clothes they wore. However, the trend changed when the style of clothing for women changed. To meet the new requirements, reticules were discovered that would help the women to carry their fashion accessories. These purses were highly fashionable and matched the type of clothes women wore in that era.

With the beginning of the 20th century, the term ‘handbag’ became popular in use. For men, these handbags were the luggage bags that they would use to carry their clothes and other items while traveling. For women, the term handbags referred to the attractive fashion items that they would carry to social gatherings. Every thing, from cosmetics to sunglasses, occupied space in these bags that would now come with two or more compartments.

It was in the middle of the 20th century that different accessories and embellishments started getting added to the designer handbags. Zips, metal frames, mirrors and many such items became popular to enhance the looks of handbags. The branded handbags were all in rage, when the renowned brands like Hermes and Chanel started manufacturing bags in different styles.

The present time is the most exciting time for the admirers of fashionable designer handbags. One can find a number of popular brands who come up with innovated designs on regular basis. If you wish to start a handbag store, you can easily import the wonderful varieties of fashion bags form all parts of the world.

Designer handbags are popular as gift items as well. One can purchase these handbags on the occasions like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and weddings. These fashion accessories have indeed come a long way to gain the status they enjoy today.