Designer Handbags for Women – 5 Things Women Should Know

Women love handbags. They wear them, they show them and they feel proud because of them. However, what are the five things that women should know about handbags? Here is a look about things that women should know about bags.

1) The right handbag can complement your shape

A handbag not only adds an element of glamour to the outfit, but can also flatter the looks and the figure of the woman.

While choosing a bag, choose a shape for your bag that is the opposite of your body shape. For instance, if you are thin and tall, a plump hobo bag can add curves to your shape. If you’re short and curvy, pick a bag that’s tall and sleek to best suit your looks.

2) There are different types of handbags

There are different types of trendy bags such as Totes, Hobo, Clutch, Field, Satchel, Baguette, Messenger, and Pouch and Cross body bag.

3) Designer bags need good maintenance

An item as luxurious as jewellery, the designer handbag also requires maintenance. Regular wear and tear experienced by ordinary bags can ruin a designer bag. Only with the right maintenance methods that one can extend the beauty and elegance of a handbag for a long time.

4) One can rent fashion handbags instead of buying

The increasingly popular alternative to buying expensive handbags is renting them from rental services. This allows women to sport eloquent handbags of various shapes, sizes and designs without spending large amounts of money.

5) Fake products are hard to spot

Fake fashion handbags today are so good and so close to the authentic bag that it’s hard to tell the difference. Even the pros today have a hard time making out the difference. Thus, it’s very easy to be fooled by the counterfeit product when you’re shopping for an original. The knock-offs no longer have cheap leather and hardware which used to be a way to differentiate between the fake and the original. Therefore, one has to be extra careful when shopping for original goods. Some of the ways one can spot a fake are by checking the price. If the price of a bag is suspiciously low, the bag is a fake. The origin tag on the bag is also a tell-tale. If the tag says that the bag is made in Taiwan or something similar, it’s a fake.

The only way to be sure is to buy your product from an authorised dealer or a dealer with whom you are familiar with and know their history, reputation and guarantees.