How to Design Handbags

Most women like buying designer handbags. However, have you ever thought of designing your own handbag? True, it might not look as elegant as the ones you buy from famous designer houses. However, there is a certain thrill in designing your own handbag and that cannot be denied. It may not be the latest Milan, Paris or New York fashion design but you made it as your creation!

So, what should you do if you want to make your own handbag?

Designing handbags might seem difficult. However, over time you can get really good at it and turn what might be your hobby now into a profession. Of course, like any other profession, it requires a certain amount of investment but the investment is not too huge and can easily be managed by you if you think from a long-term perspective.

1. Invest in the right things

You will need specific tools such as a sewing machine, spools, cloth, table, a comfortable chair and so on to get started. Additionally, to draw your samples of handbags, you will need right drawing paper, pencils, pens and markers. You will also need general things that you will figure out as you go about trying to make the bags.

2. Develop skills

You need practice and focus to become good at designing handbags. This involves not just randomly cutting up pieces of paper and then cloth, but watching and learning from others. YouTube and similar websites are a great source of learning how to design handbags. You can also use websites on the internet to develop and improve the specific skills you need.

3. Start drawing shapes and patterns

It is important that you start drawing the shapes and patterns you imagine you’d want in your bag. It might seem like you are terrible at drawing shapes but over time you will improve. Slowly but steadily, make it a point to learn diverse forms of pattern and design and keep increasing the level of artistic quality in each bag that you design.

4. Get a good idea of the market

In order to know what fashion designer handbag trends are in, you must have a good grip over the demand in the market. There are tons of websites and magazines discussing the latest trends in handbags for women. You should subscribe and read those websites and magazines. Subsequently, you will be equipped with the right idea of what will sell.

All in all, the rise as a handbag designer may seem difficult but it is worth the effort in the end.